Season of Mists

“Where are the songs of Spring? Aye, where are they? / Think not of them,” Autumn, “thou has thy music too.” Keats would surely have felt that this autumn in Missoula, one of the most glorious in memory, would have done honor to his great ode. And we even had a super harvest moon on the evening of the equinox. In any event, greetings from the mid-point of the semester! We have just a few announcements to share with you. First of all, the course descriptions for the Spring 2011 semester are now available on our courses page. Please note, too, that the Literature and Research Colloquium has two more presentations scheduled for this semester: Benjamin Adams (M.A. candidate, English) will present on November 19th and Professor Nat Levtow (Liberal Studies) will present on December 3rd; see our LARC page for more details and, eventually, for the Spring schedule. Finally, see the new installment of Faculty Top 3s in the Literature program’s pages, as our faculty respond to the question, “if you could rescue any three literary characters from their fates, who would they be and why?” Cheers!

Eric Reimer
Assistant Professor

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